Brew a great cup of coffee

Brewing A Great Cup Of Coffee

    Start with fresh roasted coffee from .

    Use freshly drawn cold filtered water. (Warm or hot water comes from your boiler or hot water tank and has been sitting)

    Use the correct grind for your coffee maker. (Too fine a grind will over-extract the coffee making it bitter. Too coarse a grind will under-extract the coffee flavor producing colored water. )

    Use the correct proportion. (The industry standard is one rounded tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. Adjust to taste)

    Make sure the coffee is evenly distributed within the filter

    Use clean brewing equipment. Clean out your brewer once a month with a mix of vinegar and water. (Run 2 pots of just water after cleaning to rinse)

    After the coffee has been brewed, swirl the carafe to insure the brew is uniform before pouring. (Coffee that goes through the grinds first extracts more flavor so is stronger at the bottom of the pot)

    Store coffee in a cool, dry, & dark place (When using Natalie's Coffee... Our bags protect against light & moisture - A countertop or pantry cupboard is fine) (Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer)

    Start from the points made above. Make adjustments to your taste and enjoy.


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