Flavored Coffee Super Saver (6) bag Bulk

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Flavored Coffee Super Saver (6) bag Bulk
Detailed Description
This offering is for (6) full size 12 oz. bags of our gourmet fresh roasted flavored coffees. You can mix and match any flavors with 50 to choose from and also mix and match DECAF and regular if you choose (This offer comes out to ONLY $9.45 per bag. A full $.50 OFF our regular price of $9.95 giving you a $3.00 SAVINGS) Each heavy heat-sealed bag with zipper closure is 12 oz. of our famous fresh roasted blend of hand selected premium gourmet coffee beans flavored with your favorite flavors. We only select and roast the best.

Note: If this discounted supersaver is purchased to benefit a fundraising program it counts as 3 regular priced bags toward that fundraiser
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